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Their Transatlantic origins range from Glasgow to Toronto by way of Cape Breton and London, so Celtic connections appear to be strong. However, individual backgrounds as diverse as free jazz, indie Pop, Folk Rock and Dub keep that at the subliminal level. More influential is the sonic intersection of the Celtic, the African and the American – a tinderbox with deep roots. Sleepers all come to music through the visual arts so it’s natural for them to scour that tinderbox through filters of Antonioni, Max Beckman, Man Ray and the Bauhaus.

Guitarist Neil Clark is a founding member of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, and has also played and worked with Mae Moore, The Bathers, Bloomsday, and The Negatives, Stewart Copeland, Chris Thomas, Jerry Marotta, Iain Stanley, Jill Sobule, Mark Bedford, Dave Derby, Lloyd Cole (in support of his solo albums) and Sara Lee. As well he is a film composer and studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art.

Alisdair Jones is a digital motion graphics designer and award winning photographer. He’s also a bass player who has worked with Andy Stochansky, Nomind, Ani Difranco, Ken Myhr, and Scott B Sympathy.

Ambrose Pottie studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, when he wasn’t playing drumset. He likes to improvise and has done so with Bill Grove, Tom Walsh, Anne Bourne, John Oswald, Fred Frith, Andrew Cyrille, Guy Klucevsek, Evan Lurie and Eugene Chadbourne. He’s toured and recorded as a member of Crash Vegas, Plasterscene Replicas,Thin Men and the Polka Dogs.

Collectively they are called SLEEPERS.